I love to share what I have learned with others, and as I see life as a journey, I have always thought it would be a very difficult journey without companions on the way. If you feel the same, then we have a lot to offer each other.

Here are some of the ways you can have access, benefit from my work and knowledge, and work with me.

Search my site or Sign Up to have insightful thoughts delivered directly into your inbox. Every week I publish one or two posts that can add value to your life and inspire you to create meaning and do work that matters. I will write on how to come home to yourself, connect meaningfully with others, succeed in life and at work, and many other important topics that do not fall neatly into any of these categories. On the Reviews section of my website, I will post reviews of books that make a difference; these are books I love to read and books that inspire me.

Buy one of my books. Courage to Embrace Yourself is my upcoming book that offers a proven path home to one’s self. Many people suffer a lot because they haven’t had the courage to face their truth, to embrace it, and to allow it to steer them towards the fullness of life. This book will help you re-discover the hidden power of saying “Yes” to your dreams. It also offers insights on how to create powerful and meaningful connections, in life, and at work. The book has been described as “a gift of rare insight, wisdom, and love.” You Can’t Be a Failure is another upcoming book that will help you master the inner game of failure and take the lead on your life.

Have me review your book. As a published author, you can have me review your self-help, nonfiction book. I currently review books submitted through San Francisco Book Review, Readers Favorite, and San Diego Book Review. You can check the Book Review section of my site for submission guidelines. My reviews are posted on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Book me as a speaker. Invite me to speak at one of your events, college, conference, organization, and let me grab the attention of your audience and send them back to life or work inspired, motivated, and transformed.

Hire me as a personal coach. Helping others define goals and reach them is something that gives me infinite pleasure. For $15 dollars you can call me on Skype or Viber and talk about anything that is of interest to you, provided that it is not about technology. I keynote on themes that range from personal growth, to building meaningful and effective relationships in life and at work to achieving seemingly impossible goals. My conversation will help you understand your feelings, clarify your thoughts, and have a clear idea of what you really want. If this fits in with what you want, send me an email and I’ll answer you with a schedule.

If you think about something that isn’t included here, feel free to email me. I will be happy to talk with you.