Why You Shouldn’t Give a Damn about What Others Think and Just Do Your Thing!


No one lives alone.

Our lives are interconnected in ways that go beyond anything we could imagine. But none of our connections with others, none of our relationships could be meaningful if we are not living our personal dream and legend, and it happens quite often that what stops us from pursuing what gives meaning to our lives are the voices around us — the media that tells us getting rich is success, friends with their idea of what our life could be like, the pressure from family members, and what “people” think about us.

Everyone will have an opinion on how you should live your life. But it’s your personal choices that create the difference and put you where you always wanted to be. Note that some of the people who address you sharply and who talk like they know what you ought to do to succeed do not even live up to what they expect you to do.

Real people will not tell you how to live your life. They will encourage you to find your voice and pursue it.

People can tell you how to live your life, but none of them will live it for you. None of them will experience your pain. None of them will face your challenges. At times, it pays a lot to just give a damn to what people say and get on with what your heart tells you. Our heart never lies to us. Although we have to listen to the voice of others, there are moments when we have to give a damn and start listening to ourselves.

Here is the Harm that Others Cause US

There are people who spend an entire life pursuing dreams created by others for them. They listen so much to criticism to the point that they start doubting their worth, their strength, and what they are capable of doing. This can cause a lot of stress and disappointment. We procrastinate things we could do by taking the lead. We halt our growth, wanting to get the validation from others before we move on. If you live your life by perpetually following what others say, then you’ll be in big trouble. You know what others say doesn’t help when their words:

– Make you feel little
– Make you lose self-confidence
– Make you feel like you are
– Make you confused, depressed, and uncertain
– Make you lose focus on what really matters
But you can take steps to listen to advice that matters and improve your decision-making skills to value what is best for you.

Taking the Lead on Our Life

Here are three actions you can take to lead your life without becoming a slave to the opinions of others.

1. Remind yourself that what others think of you is none of your business. Yes, people will always think about you. You can’t control what they think. You can’t stop them from offering their points of view. Internalize this thought and allow it to flow into your system.

2. Choose whose advice to listen to and actively go out to seek it. We can’t live without others, and as much as we want to live life on our terms, we also know that others can help us see ourselves and what we need better. Instead of getting confused by the many voices reaching you from all sides, you can creatively and proactively choose where to get advice or an opinion on the choices you make. You want to make sure that the person’s experience, skill set, and knowledge align with your deepest need.

3. Inject yourself with enough dose of self-trust. Self-trust is a rare gift to come by these days. We get manipulated in subtle yet powerful ways and it becomes difficult to completely trust that we are acting in our best interests. But we can learn to develop self-trust by listening to our deepest desires, our gut feeling, and checking our actions against what we really want.

When you learn to lead your own life, you experience a tremendous sense of inner freedom and authenticity. You create the inner unity that allows you to experience less stress, good health, and success. You can start today with simple steps, checking if your decisions today are yours, freely taken.

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