What Really Drives You Makes the Huge Difference

It’s surprising to notice how we sometimes get mechanical about life. We pursue dreams not because we really want those dreams, not because those dreams bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives, but because of our conditioning.

It can happen that we work hard and achieve tremendous successes in the world’s standards but if we are driven by the wrong factors, our lives will remain impoverished, we will still wallow in misery, and our souls will harbor the persistent restlessness that reminds us that our life is meaningless. How do you reconnect with the positive drive that brings fulfillment, color, and meaning to your life?

Recognize the Negative Forces That Drive Us

We are driven by a lot of things, emotions, and dreams, some of which we are barely aware. Some of us are driven by fear. We can do a lot out of fear. The fear of being judged poorly by others. The fear of failing the competition — and at times we are unaware of what we are competing against.  The fear of not belonging. The fear of failure can also drive us on paths that are not meant for us.

Hatred and the Need for Revenge

There are people who are driven by hatred and the need for revenge. We get hurt always and when we focus on how much we have been hurt, it can transform into a strong need to get even. We can hate so much we believe that by succeeding we would make a statement to our enemy. We focus on our need for revenge and not on what really matters. I have met people who work hard because they want to hurt others, they want to get revenge by showing someone that they are capable of success. Some of us work hard to hurt our enemy.

Our Pride Can Also Be a Motivator

There are some of us with the kind of pride that never accepts defeat and it can be blinding. We want the world to know that we count, that our voice must be heard, and that we must be seen. This kind of drive can lead to places we shouldn’t be and it can set us on a path that doesn’t sync with our core human values.

Reconnecting with the Positive Drive

When we are driven by negative factors, we are bitter, we are stunted, and do not experience real inner freedom. You’ll need to identify those values that feed you, things that encourage your physical and spiritual wellness and allow them to propel you in your quest for success. But how do you identify such values? Below are two ideas that could help you.

  1. Identify things that positively connect you with others. You will know this when you feel happy being at the service of others. Your work allows you to encounter others and you feel serene and happy doing so. You would be nurturing the value of love. Love feeds us. It makes us grow. It allows us to give and in giving, we discover more of what we have.
  2. Identify things that enable you to seek change in your life and to recognize it in the lives of others. When your work is focused on improving your life and the lives of people you care about, then you can be sure that what drives you is positive. It could be the deep sense of service, fraternal love, the quest for justice, or anything. But as long as it connects you with yourself and allows you to bring value to others, it is positive. It is healthy.
  3. Your work creates a strong awareness of your connection with God. You feel that you’re at peace with God and that you get to recognize His place in your life, thanks to the work you do.

You want to grow, to connect meaningfully with others, and to choose a path that aligns with your dreams. It is important to sift what drives you. If it is poisonous, drop it. If it builds you, focus on it. Life is so short to waste it trying to compete with others. You don’t need to show the world anything. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. All you need is to connect with yourself and to grow to the person you were meant to be. Find the motivation in whatever you do in the need to heal the world, in the urge to reach out and help, in the desire for justice.



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