Every journey leads us to someone; it leads us back home to ourselves.

- Romuald Dzemo Courage to Embrace Yourself

Where we go may be very important, but it’s the road we travel that shapes us, from within.

- — Romuald Dzemo, Courage to Embrace Yourself

Our attitudes towards ourselves determine the way we treat others.

- —Romuald Dzemo, Love Is Not Blind But Bound.

Friendship is the space where we can take off our masks without the fear of terrorizing the person in front of us with the skeletons hidden in our closets or the scars on our personality. It’s the shelter against the sweltering heat of the deserts of our hearts. When we become friends with the one we love, we cease to fear criticism, blackmail, and the dreaded control that ruin most relationships. Friendship is the most natural space where trust grows. It transforms our insecurities into hospitality, allowing us to experience our freedom without feeling disconnected.

- —Romuald Dzemo, Love Is Not Blind But Bound.

You don’t need to have it all figured out. You can only find your way by moving forward. Keep moving, you’ll know the place when you get there.

- —Romuald Dzemo, You Can’t Be a Failure

You measure the depth of a friendship or a relationship by the quality of laughter shared.

- —Romuald Dzemo, Love Is Not Blind But Bound.