“We all want to be true to ourselves, happy and free. But how? Grow up. Wake up. Lift up. This is the basic message of Romuald Dzemo’s newest book …. In clear, powerful prose, Dzemo shares his hard-won experience and powerful insights on the path to awakening. You’ll find practical tips on finding your core values, taking full responsibility for your life, and embracing the benefits of failure. But more than that, you’ll find truth and inspiration… Read this book. It’s so good you’ll want to read it again. Then pass it on.” —Leza Lowitz, Best-selling Author (Yoga Poems, Yoga Heart, Here Comes the Sun, Up from the Sea) and Yoga Instructor.

“Courage to Embrace Yourself is absolutely inspiring, extremely informative, well-written, and altogether enjoyable. It is, most certainly, one of the best books in self-growth and personal development.” ― Catherine Oda, MA Linguistics, University of the Philippines

“Everyone deserves a world of love, laughter, and care. Courage to Embrace Yourself is a gift of rare insight, wisdom, and love.” ― Gil Van Wagner, Author of Jersey Sure.

“A thoughtful, inspiring, and engaging companion for seekers and dreamers, this book is revolutionary.” ― Vera Cruz, Professor of Philosophy, Diliman University of the Philippines.

“A book that will make you look at your life with honest eyes and see the path you have to take, your own path. Dzemo writes with compassion and clarity, telling things readers need to hear.” ― Carol Patungan, Senior Operations Manager, TELUS

“Evocative, timeless, and ultimately simple… a book that will find a comfortable home with fans of Anthony de Mello’s Awareness and Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.” ― Everaldo Dos Santos, Rector, Xaverian Theologate of Asia

“Dzemo is a gifted writer, who couches his message in simple, clear and concise language. The marvel of simplicity in his writing is that the message is carried to the reader on the shoulders of a language that is limpid, fluid and enjoyable. Courage to Embrace Yourself is a delightful read.” — Martin Jumbam, Blogger, Translator & Conference Interpreter