About The Book

What does it take to live a life of happiness, purpose, and success? In Courage to Embrace Yourself, Romuald Dzemo declares that “You already have everything you need to create a life of purpose. What is lacking is that you find yourself.” So, in his inimitable style and with a gentle, ebullient voice, the author demystifies the myths about success, happiness, and love while proposing a path that ushers readers into the life-changing journey back home to themselves.

With bursts of insights and wisdom, he articulates brilliantly on the one important gift everyone has received, the gift of self, and talks about things that are intimate to the human soul in quest of its destiny, including coming home to oneself, embracing and investing in one’s uniqueness, encountering solitude in a creative and life-giving way, redefining one’s personality through the conquest of inner freedom, reconnecting with the deep-most stirrings of the heart, reaching out to positively connect with and influence others through deep and meaningful relationships, the courage to change, and a lot, lot more.

This is an exciting voice that will influence the lives of millions and a valuable companion for seekers and dreamers.